Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Boys and Girls

This is just a quick post to show how great our girls are. Not only do we love them but the boys do too. They bring a lot of extra fun to our days and even though they shed A LOT, we wouldn't trade them for anything. I know I am a bit biased, but Golden Retrievers really are the best dogs!
Logan with our sweet and loving Harley Belle:

Here is Graham and Logan with fun and crazy Zoe Grace:

Valentine's Day

This year for Valentine's Day Logan and I decided to bake some cupcakes. He was great in the kitchen and loves to help out. The funny thing is that he really doesn't like cake or cupcakes. Uncle Ryan and Aunt Sarah came over to keep the boys Sunday afternoon so that Matt and I could go on a little date. We had lunch at the Melting Pot (thanks Leland for the last minute reservation) and then we went to see a movie. Once we got back home everybody was ready to dig into the cupcakes. Graham loved it while Logan only licked the icing a little. After our snack we let the boys open their gifts. I am very blessed and had a great Valentine's Day with all four (Matt, Logan, Graham and Ryan) of my favorite boys!
Adding in all the ingredients.
Ready to be mixed.

This is his favorite part!


Licking the spoon (my favorite part)!

Playing in the kitchen while the cupcakes are baking.
Red velvet cupcakes with butter cream icing and fondant hearts.

He was proud of his work!

Taking a break for our date.
Thanks Uncle Ryan and Aunt Sarah!

Finally time to dig in.
Such a cute face.
Taking it slowly.

This one says it all...he loved it!

That is all he ate.

Graham got some stampers and bubbles.
Logan got a Play-Doh factory and Diego candy.

Here are our two little rock stars:

Friday, February 05, 2010

Graham Turns One

It is hard to believe that our baby Graham is one. He is such a beautiful little boy and he just loves to be around everyone! Graham would like to say thank you to those that were able to make it to his birthday party despite the snowy weather. We didn't expect anything else from the little man born during an ice storm. Here are some photos from his first birthday.

Douglas Graham Robinson
January 26, 2009

"Can you believe that I am already One!"

Digging right in

The goodies!

Waiting for his cake.

Trying to figure this cake out.

I think that he likes it!
Who wants a big hug?
Ready to go clean off.

This picture was taken on Graham's actual birthday. The boys were just hanging out in the chair together.

Snow Days

These are a few of the pictures that we took of the kids during the snow days. Logan absolutely loves playing in the snow, but Graham doesn't find it as fascinating. He really dislikes being cold. I will have to say that both of them looked adorable all bundled up.

Ready to go out.

Having a blast!

He only spent about 30 seconds in the snow.

Making his first snow angel.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Trick or Treat

We had a great time trick or treating this year! It was Logan's first time to actually go trick or treating and he had a blast! We decided to take him to Porter Memorial for their Halloween event. Logan dressed up as a T-Rex and would just run around and growl. Graham was the most adorable spider you have ever seen. Both of them did really well in their costumes which I found surprising. When we fininshed at Porter we went to Aunt Becca and Uncle J-bone's house where we saw the cutest pumpkin ever! Logan sat out front with Matt and helped hand out candy. After a long night they were exhausted and ready to go home.
Cousin Jillian
Handing out candy
Graham hanging out with Jillian
It was impossible to get a picture with all of them looking.

Logan Growling
Getting Candy Graham and Aunt SaraBig smiles with his big bag of candy.
Graham and Uncle Ryan Our little Spider
Our big T-Rex!